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Don't Give Up On Them

Hey Roman, please talk to my son, Jesse! Today in a back alley in West Side San Antonio, Henrietta, a long term addict and career criminal was concerned about her wrong choices and now living with deep regret as to how her son chose the same path she did.

I have her this scripture, a PROMISE from God to us.

“Your sons are coming [home] from distant lands.” Isa 60:4 NLT

One of the lessons Jesus taught in the parable of the Prodigal Son is this: Don’t give up on someone no matter how bad things may be in their lives. We give up too soon because: We see only their behavior. But we don’t know the experiences they’ve gone through that may have made them what they are. Sometimes their anger is covering their deep fear. Other times, they act like their own dysfunctional parents who raised them, because those are the tools they were given to work with. And until someone shows them a new and better way to handle life, they’ll remain stuck.

We don’t know what people are struggling with. Don’t let their big smiles or success fool you. Someone can live in a nice home, and drive a nice car to a nice job, yet their marriage is falling apart, their children are in rebellion, and their mind is going crazy. Instead of writing them off as a lost cause, ask God for words of wisdom. If you’ll keep praying for them and trying to help them, God will make you a vessel of His mercy and grace. Is your son or daughter lost in the world of drugs and crime, write his/her name below or message me and I have a box of names and we pray everyday here at Outcry In The Barrio Home for lost souls to be saved. So the word for you today is: Don’t give up on them—because God hasn’t!

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