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Get Out Of The Pit!

Did you know Satan loves to keep people in deep and dark pits. There’s no light down there. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made. No matter what kind of pit you find yourself in right now. I don’t care how deep the pit or how smelly the pit. The answer from God is very simple, talk to God about it, repent, climb back out of the pit, make a decision that’s going to override the bad decision, skip the guilt trip and don’t let Satan shame you with shame and ugly feelings and then move forward.

I pray right this moment as you read this:

God, you are rich in mercy, grace and peace. We need those three things in our lives. I pray for everyone, young and older that suffer

Lift them up, infuse them with unquenchable joy, clarity of mind, and bring in right friendships that will be a blessing and not a stumbling block for their lives. Thank You Jesus for your precious Blood and your Spirit and the Bible! AMEN

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