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He Changes Things

When Jesus comes, things change. People are healed in His presence, miracles happen at His command, resources are multiplied under His direction, storms seize at His word. When Jesus comes, torment and anguish relent. Sins are forgiven, blind eyes are open, deaf ears hear, the mute are given words, and the lame are made to walk. When Jesus comes, death is defeated and life everlasting remains.

Whatever your need is today, whatever you are missing, whatever you long for, ask Jesus to come. Surrender for a moment in His presence, and experience what it’s like when Jesus comes. Deep calls to deep, says the psalmist, and your soul thirsts for the Living God.

Not only were your sins washed on the cross, but your shame, your guilt, your sickness and your inadequacies are covered by His blood. There was only so much we could do on our own, but then Jesus came… You are not alone. You are not the first to feel a void, or to think something is missing in your life. You’re not the only one who thinks your mistakes are unforgivable. But you are the one Jesus came for. Let Him change things for you. Let Him enter your circumstances and your relationships and see the difference His presence can make.

When Jesus comes, He changes things.

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