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A heroin epidemic has struck the heart of our great city, San Antonio, Texas. Heroin is a highly addictive illegal drug. Many addicts have attempted to get their heroin habit under control by joining a Methadone Clinic and get their daily dose of methadone. This is another problem because methadone is not a cure.

This is what I see when I get into my old truck and drive up and park a block away from open- air illegal street drug connections. I see misery to my left and to my right. I see men and women who have mothers, fathers, spouses, children and because of this horrible addiction they are alienated from family.

Shirley-- a hardcore core heroin and cocaine addict, she cooks the heroin in spoon and sprinkles cocaine and throws in a bit of cotton and places the needle and draws up the cocktail of drugs and hits a main vein in her arm and she is now in a high that only junkies know about.

Ruben-- a former High School star athlete and now a hard core heroin addict, shoplifts around the stores and sell off the stolen goods for cheap and scores his bag of heroin and starts chain smoking cigarettes.

Reaching addicts, prostitutes, and pushers takes time, it takes time to build rapport and for them to trust you and somewhere in there you can ask them questions about themselves, their families, their health and you can sense the timing of when you can share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I'm meeting so many new people in this underworld of drugs and crime and misery, so I hand out Gideon's pocket size Bible's and cold sodas and 100% of the time it is well received and a new friendship is born right there in the dark and nasty streets of San Antonio.

Thank You --- Roman Herrera

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