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We Need Honest People In Our Lives

“In Christ’s body we’re all connected.” Ephesians 4:25 MSG

Many people have no one who loves them enough to tell them the truth. That’s because it’s easier to say nothing when others are messing up. But it’s not the loving thing to do! The Bible says, “Giving an honest answer is a sign of true friendship” (Proverbs 24:26 CEV).

Usually we know what needs to be said, but fear keeps us from saying it. However, if you knew the brakes on a car weren’t functioning properly, would you allow a loved one to drive it? No? Well, in a similar vein, Paul writes, “If someone in your group does something wrong, you who are spiritual should go to that person and gently help make him right again” (Galatainas 6:1 NCV). That’s what “spiritual” people do! More often than not, when an issue arises that might cause tension, it’s glossed over to preserve the peace. We don’t want to ruffle any feathers, so it never gets resolved.

Here is how Paul addresses this: “No more pretense. Tell…the truth. In Christ’s body we’re all connected…When you lie to others, you end up lying to yourself” (Ephesians 4:25 MSG). Now let’s be clear here. Frankness doesn’t give you license to be rude and say whatever you want.

Thoughtless words can wound people. “Never use harsh words when you correct an older man…talk to him as if he were your father. Talk to younger men as if they were your brothers, older women as if they were your mothers, and younger women as if they were your sisters” (1Titus 5:1-2 GWT).

Bottom line: When a difficult issue comes up, caring means getting involved in an honest and loving way.

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