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A Special Place

I’am standing in a very special place in San Antonio, Texas.

Outcry in the Barrio Home, I thank God for a place like this, thank God for the Garcia Family who sacrificed so much for so many. They opened up the very first Home for addicts within their own living room in 1972. Did you know that God dwells in the midst of our praises to Him. He manifests His love and presence to us during worship. In this place God has transformed so many lives, so many families and so many destinies.

Today, I pray for you that you receive clarity and vision for your life. I’m believing and I decree that everything that causes weariness in your mind, your body, your spirit and your life will actually lose it’s power and be removed immediately. I want you to BELIEVE that the obstacles that have caused your vision to be blurred will clear up.

Remember this, God has a vision and purpose for your life, for your marriage and family, for your career and your God given ministry. You have all you need within you because God is all sufficient, God is in you! AMEN

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