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Don’t Lose Jesus This Christmas

The story we are looking at now is one you might not expect to hear in the Christmas season. Mary and Joseph were in Jerusalem for Passover. It was a great time of festivity and family and gathering and worship, but after the celebration was over, they lost sight of the 12-year-old Jesus. (Read Luke 2)

  1. His parents didn’t miss Him at first, because they assumed He was among the other travelers. But when He didn’t show up that evening, they started looking for Him among their relatives and friends. When they couldn’t find Him, they went back to Jerusalem to search for Him there. Three days later, they finally discovered Him in the temple, sitting among the religious teachers.

  2. They traveled a whole day before they missed Him. They had breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never once saw His face. They had not lost their love for Him, nor had they lost their faith, but they had lost Him literally. Guess what? The same thing can happen to us. We can go a whole morning, afternoon, and well into the evening without a single thought about God or a single moment given over to prayer or opening the Bible.

  3. We lose Jesus when nonessentials displace essentials. When we’re busy, what’s the first thing that we often eliminate? Reading the Bible, prayer, or going to church.

  4. They lost Jesus, but they finally came to their senses and went back and found Him. Where did they last see Him? In Jerusalem. So they retraced their steps. That’s what we need to do when we lose sight of Jesus.


  • When you’re talking, God is listening. God is taking in every word. He’s interested.

  • If you’re not right with God, here are the three Rs of getting right with Him again: remember, repent and repeat.

  • Where did Mary and Joseph find Jesus? They found Him in the house of God, and that’s where we will find Him too.

  • Church is important for so many reasons. It’s a place where we encourage one another, we exhort one another, and we learn from one another. Church is a place where we develop our spiritual gifts. Church is a place where we’re accountable. 

Sometimes people do lose sight of Jesus. I know you have things you need to do. I encourage you to go and do those things, but find ways to share the real message of Christmas with people as you do. It’s an easy transition to go from the season to what it’s really about: the birth of the Lord. Also, I would encourage you to just slow down and listen to the Lord and stay in close fellowship with Him. Don’t let all the busyness of the season crowd Him out of your life.

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