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God Has A Masterplan

I personally know that God has a master plan for our lives. He is no respecter of persons. He has a great plan for your life no matter who you are. If God gives that plan, His plan for your life is good. He will fulfill it and you must believe that He will do it. Also, if God gives a plan, be faithful to take the steps He tells you to take and it's never too late. If you give Him attention and spend time in the Word He will let you know about His plans for your life. You can't connect to the master plan if you don't give Him anything. If you give Him something, He'll give you something. You have to follow Him and take steps with Him...He always has a great plan.

The following scripture passage is the inspiration for me, Ephesians 2:10 (NLT). "For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." We need to connect to God and His master plan. Personally, I've discovered that getting up early to read God's Word and spend time with Him – is important for my life.

Seek And You Will Find

One reason things go well with us when we're seeking God is because He helps us avoid a lot of mistakes and saves us a great deal of trouble. When we do happen to get into trouble, seeking God will get us out of it.

A good biblical example of this is the story of Jehoshaphat, one of the kings of Judah in the Old Testament (2 Chronicles 18-20). When he was king, three enemy armies were joining against his nation and wanted to destroy it. In the natural realm, there was no hope of victory and it was more than Jehoshaphat could handle. Instead of giving in to despair, Jehoshaphat sought the Lord. As a result, the Lord caused the enemy forces to turn against each other. This story proves that God is well able to turn the worst situations into a blessing for those who seek Him.

Unfortunately, many people – even Bible-believing Christians- claim they don't have time to seek God. They have time to see a doctor if they're sick or go to their bank if their have financial trouble. Seeking God first could have saved them time and trouble overall.

Gods Plan For Roman Herrera

Roman never thought that he would be speaking or preaching in front of anybody. One day at one of the church services, God told Roman to give his testimony, and he has been speaking ever since. Usually after preaching, I would pray for healing for people. I was assigned to visit local hospitals and I walked randomly into rooms to pray with people. I did this for about three years. I started walking the dark underbelly of San Antonio, Texas and started talking to junkies and prostitutes. Then God told me to do this, and not to be faint of heart. I started to teach men and women to be soul winners and then I started to train soul winners to train other soul winners. Recently I created a colorful comic book, The Epidemic, it contains an amazing story of God restoring junkies into a new life in Christ. Then my newest publication that is being spread in the drug connections, jails and prisons. The booklet, A Message To Drug Addicts is very effective and contains a message of Hope in Christ.

Ten Keys To Fulfilling Your Destiny

1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior 2. Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit 3. Trust God's path and believe He has good plans for you 4. Make it a priority to spend time with God in His Word 5. Fill your heart and mouth with the Word of God and believe those things it says will come to pass 6. Persevere in faith, knowing that God can work beyond your natural abilities and equip you to do the impossible 7. Be obedient to turn from sin and disconnect from all that prevents you from discerning God's direction 8. Develop a heart of gratitude and praise to God for all the blessings He bestows upon you 9. Let patience work: God has a better plan 10. Plant God's Word in your heart, cultivate it and give it time to produce

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