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Gods Photograph of You!

The Bible is a book of pictures! It gives you a picture of God. It gives a picture of the devil. It gives a picture of a godly woman. It gives you a picture of Heaven. It gives us a picture of Hell. It also gives you Gods photograph of YOU!

So many people spend all their time looking at failure photographs of themselves and trying to cover up what is really a distorted picture.

Satan will show you a photograph of your failure and your sins and and how you were in the past and he will wag that photograph in your face. He will even put a magnifying glass on your defects and tell you how ugly and unacceptable you are to God.

His whole purpose is to give you a different image of yourself than what God sees in you.

Take a real good look at what the apostle Paul says about our new position in Christ.

We are saints, we are forgiven, we are loved, we are forgiven, we are redeemed, we are moving into our new destiny in Christ. ( Ephesian 1)

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