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You Are The World Changer

Sometimes we think the anointing of God is reserved for those only in the pulpit. We come to the conclusion that ministers are the ones who will change this world. But many ministers have said the next great revival in our nation will not come from an abundance of preachers. It will start in the very workplace He has entrusted you with.

The majority of you are not pastors or church leaders by trade. Many of you would even admit that the thought of preaching a sermon every week would be the last thing on your bucket list! And that’s ok. God has given us all a unique gift set for a reason. But if you are not careful, you’ll slip into thinking you don’t need His anointing for what you do.

My role as a street evangelist and minister and even speaking from a pulpit carries no more weight than the cubical you may find yourself in this very day.

God has anointed us as believers to deliver His Gospel through our daily lives. Even the global audience God has blessed us with here at Metanoya church and Outcry in the Barrio, is nothing in comparison to the level of influence those in the workplace carry around the world.

Jesus, himself, worked as a carpenter until he was 30 years old, and only then went into vocational ministry. God could have sent Him into any family, but He chose that of a man in the workforce. Jesus worked a hard, hands-on job. Don’t minimize this! When it came time for Him to carry the cross to His impending death, He didn’t do so in secrecy. He trudged one step at a time through the marketplace. The marketplace. Exactly where we should carry ours.

Could you imagine what this world would look life if anointed Christians started viewing their workplaces as pulpits! You don’t have to preach a sermon. Small acts of kindness will open doors for Gospel conversation.

I don’t know where you find yourself today. Maybe you’re unsatisfied with your job. Maybe you love your job, but you don’t think you’re making a difference. Let me encourage you with this, with God there are no accidents. He sees you. There is purpose for where you are right now, even if it’s not forever. Keep on! Be the light to those around you.

You are the world changer, my friend!

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